Need inspiration? You’ve found the right place. This gallery showcases both the power and flexibility of UW–Madison’s brand. Aligning with the UW brand provides the instant recognition and credibility of a world-class institution — and still allows plenty of creative space to differentiate your campus unit. Check out the gallery below for recent examples of how the brand can stretch in application from the formal to the whimsical.

We love to see the UW brand in action and want to spread inspiration across campus! Contact University Marketing to share your materials.

Red W cover design of student planner
Photo mockup of student planner with cover visible

Student Planner

The official UW–Madison student planner — shown here with a spirited cover incorporating brand fonts and elements — is handed out to all incoming students each year.

Dancers jumping in mid-air reaching for a beet
Mockup image of an open magazine

Latest UW Print Ad

The newest institutional print ad plays with scale and expectations using photo, illustration, and word play, all through innovative use of UW brand elements.

Multicultural Student Center brand style guide book
Photos of two event flyers, a laptop, and a screenshot of a brand attributes page

Multicultural Student Center Branding

University Marketing developed a brand guide, templates, and assets for the MSC, embracing the center’s distinct identity on campus. With a thoughtful approach to brand language and design elements, they capture a “community of courage.”

Woman taking water samples on lake. Text: "Where learning goes underwater and above the clouds."
Magazine two-page mockup with institutional ad on left-page

UW Print Ad

This institutional print ad — deploying the “Can’t Stop a Badger” brand rationale — emphasizes juxtaposition in photos and text while utilizing brand elements, fonts, and colors.

Screen shot of the School of Human Ecology home page featuring a full-width video
Scrolling screen capture of the School of Human Ecology home page featuring a full-width video

School of Human Ecology Website

A full redesign of the School of Human Ecology (SoHE) website in 2021 aligns the school more closely with the UW brand, while amplifying SoHE’s unique identity on campus. Visit:

Screen shot of The Intersection newsletter with photo of Prof. Sami Schalk
Photo of three tablets showing sections of The Intersection e-newsletter

Department E-Newsletter

This e-newsletter template for Gender and Women’s Studies features fonts, colors, and elements aligned with the UW brand. The newsletter’s name and complementary rainbow color palette are tailored to the department’s academic identity, providing differentiation.

Photo of five buttons designed for Parent Weekend
Photo of buttons and water bottles designed for Parent Weekend

Family Weekend Swag

These mockup pins and water bottles for UW–Madison’s Family Weekend — which welcomes students’ parents and family members to campus each fall — feature fonts, colors, and an uplifting tone embodying the brand.

Social Media card for the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement's hiring reading Join Our Team
Collage showing social Media cards for the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement's hiring reading Join Our Team

Social Media Graphics

These job graphics for the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement use new brand elements (headline blocking, hand drawings) while invoking a unique color palette and photo treatment to stand out on social media.

Animated GIF of the UW State impact website scrolling
Animated GIF of the UW State impact website scrolling

State Impact Website

The State Impact website demonstrates how UW–Madison improves the lives of people in Wisconsin and beyond through research and outreach. The site design is a variation on the WordPress UW Theme. Visit:

Badgers hockey players line up to congratulate the other team
Collage showing pages from the Wisconsin Athletic Director Search publication

Search Prospectus

This search prospectus for a new athletic director depicts how a formal report can still have branded flair. The elements (headline blocking), fonts, and colors make for a striking yet restrained design.

Photo of magazine layout with photo illustrations of two students
Photo of magazine layout with photo illustrations of two students

Photo Illustrations

This UW–Madison alumni magazine spread showcases how portrait photography can receive a visually interesting boost with accompanying hand-drawn elements and illustrations.

Infographic with text: UW-Madison School of Education is ranked #4.
Photo of School of Education rankings graphic in Learning Connections magazine

Rankings Infographic

This rankings infographic in the School of Education’s alumni magazine utilizes brand fonts and elements (headline blocking, hand-drawn textures) to create a compelling visual.

Graphic with text "UW-Madison belongs to ALL
Poster with text "UW-Madison belongs to ALL"

Student Affairs Poster

This inclusion poster conveys a serious message in a clear, concise manner. The brand fonts, colors, and elements (headline blocking, hand drawings, framing) make an immediate institutional connection while drawing the attention of a passerby.

SOAR post card reading Jump Around
Collage showing the front and back of the SOAR post card

SOAR Postcard

This postcard — mailed to all incoming students after they complete Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) — sparks intrigue with a combination of brand elements, playful language, and a layered photo treatment.

Screen shot of the front page of University Health Services website
Animated GIF of University Health Services website

UHS Website

A refresh of the University Health Services website closely aligns with the UW brand and presents the health center’s highest-demand services in a clear, easy-to-find way. Visit: