Typography plays a critical role in conveying the UW–Madison brand. Our official typefaces combine purpose with expressiveness, prioritizing readability and accessibility while preserving flexibility and personality.

All of the typefaces are open source (Google Fonts) and available for free download and use by the entire campus community. To see the brand fonts in action, visit our Inspiration page.

Primary typefaces

UW–Madison has two primary typefaces: Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text. With their many styles and weights, these Red Hat typefaces work together seamlessly and can handle it all — from large, expressive headlines to small, readable body copy.

Red Hat Display

Red Hat Display is a geometric sans serif typeface with even strokes, tight spacing, and tall letterforms. Compared to Red Hat Text, it carries a bit more brand personality and should be your default selection if you’re ever unsure which typeface to use.

Recommended uses: Large sizes, headings/headlines, subheadings

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Installation instructions for Apple Mac and PC Windows

Red Hat Text

Red Hat Text is optimized for legibility at small sizes. Compared to Red Hat Display, it has more spacing between characters, a larger height difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, shorter letterforms, and greater variation in line weight.

Recommended uses: Small sizes, paragraphs (body copy)

An example of a paragraph in Red Hat Text.

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Installation instructions for Apple Mac and PC Windows

Note: UW brand fonts are automatically integrated into campus websites via the UW WordPress Themes and HTML templates. Visit the UW Font Transition page for more information on font changes that started in January 2023.

Supplemental typefaces

For specific use cases, other typefaces can complement the primary brand fonts.

Crimson Pro

Crimson Pro is a serif typeface designed for optimal readability in longer texts. It also pairs well with our primary Red Hat typefaces.

Recommended uses: Long text (body copy), editorial publications, small sizes only. Not for use on websites.

Example paragraph in Crimson Pro.

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Installation instructions for Apple Mac and PC Windows

Language-specific typefaces

Cultural Linguistic Services recommends these free, open-source typefaces for the university’s supported non-English languages:

Note: Campus websites can use these language fonts via a UW Theme WordPress plugin.