Close-up of theornate “W” stone emblem which adorns the exterior of Agricultural Hall.

This is a place where people come together to create incredible things. The University of Wisconsin–Madison is a university that grew alongside the state that we are proud to call home, and we are proud of everything that our alumni have accomplished. From artistic breakthroughs to getting a Badger into space, we have been at the forefront of major events since 1848.

We are a unique place. Where students work with the same zeal whether they are creating a satirical political party or are polling for an actual candidate. Where silliness and studiousness are not mutually exclusive. We are a place of healthy tension. Future-focused, yet rich in heritage. Filled with humble doers who achieve incredible things. And all of these disparate elements that make up who we are have influenced the look, feel, and tone contained in our brand standards.

UW–Madison’s brand is the result of many different influencing factors coming together to form an impression of who we are in people’s minds.

Our brand is much more than our academic and athletic history. Our brand is what students, parents, academics, alumni, public servants, corporations, countries, and outside observers all think, feel, and respond to when they hear the name UW–Madison.

For more than 150 years, we have produced some of the world’s top minds and researchers who have gone on to make an incredible difference. We are confident and enthusiastic that, when it comes to building our brand, we can do the same once again.

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