The following PowerPoint templates are available for use by UW–Madison faculty, staff, and students. They incorporate elements that are key to the university’s brand and can be easily customized for your content. Each template is available in both standard and widescreen formats (with various slide layouts) and is compatible with Google Slides.

The stand-alone web crest is also available for use in your tailored presentations.

Need help creating an engaging presentation? Download our best practices document.

Text-Heavy PowerPoint

UW-Madison Text-Heavy PowerPoint


Photographic PowerPoint

UW-Madison Photographic PowerPoint


Data-Driven PowerPoint

UW-Madison Data-Driven PowerPoint


University Facts PowerPoint

A content-rich, introductory PowerPoint that contains UW–Madison facts, figures, rankings, and images.


Lead frame from University Facts PowerPoint Presentation.
By The Numbers frame from University Facts PowerPoint Presentation.
Ask Bucky PowerPoint slide

‘Ask Bucky’ Slide

Consider inserting the “Ask Bucky” slide into your presentation to highlight UW–Madison’s popular, long-running information service.