Typography for Print

In addition to logos and colors, typography plays an important role in identifying materials that represent the UW–Madison brand.

The word “Wisconsin” in the primary institutional logo is reproduced using Friz Quadrata, which has become a recognizable, nostalgic font on campus over the years. University Marketing does not recommend the typeface for other uses, such as surrounding text.

The sans serif Lato font is used within the primary institutional and secondary departmental logos, as well as on stationery items.

Two fonts, Verlag and Vitesse, have been selected to distinguish and accentuate the UW–Madison brand, particularly for prospective and student audiences. Recommended uses for the fonts are detailed below.

University Marketing holds a limited number of print licenses for the Verlag font and has made them available to campus external relations and communications units free of charge. (University Marketing also provides and hosts the Verlag and Vitesse web fonts to campus units free of charge.) Lato is available for free download as a Google font.

Verlag and Vitesse print fonts may be purchased at typography.com; other fonts may be purchased from Adobe.com or any vendor offering Adobe fonts.

Official Fonts