Departmental Logo Generator

The UW–Madison Logo Generator provides departments and administrative units an opportunity to create a custom W Crest departmental logo. Departmental logos include a combination of the W Crest element and a custom wordmark with your official unit name. Using the official W Crest departmental logo establishes a clear, credible, and universally recognizable connection to UW–Madison.

Example of a UW-Madison department logo

How to use the UW–Madison Logo Generator

Before you request a logo…

Please search the database of logos to make sure that one doesn’t already exist for your department or unit. To access and download an existing logo, go to the logo generator page and enter the department or unit name into the search field under the “Search for an existing logo” heading.

Who should or should not request a logo?

Generally, the following units should use a departmental W Crest logo:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Academic departments and programs
  • Campus offices and service centers
  • Permanent institutional units
  • University centers, think tanks, and institutes
  • Administrative services units

The following do not require a departmental W Crest logo:

  • Concepts and ideas
  • Temporary initiatives
  • Campus activities and events
  • Speeches, conferences, papers, and symposia

If your request does not meet the requirements for a logo, we suggest you “brand up.” In other words, identify yourself in university brand fonts alongside the corresponding school, college, or department level logo. This allows you to identify yourself while still observing best branding practices.

For example, this Our Shared Future graphic ties itself to the UW–Madison W crest without the use of a separate logo.

White text on red background reading "Our Shared Future" with University of Wisconsin Madison crest

How do I get access to the logo generator?

The logo generator is available to anyone with a UW–Madison NetID. To request a new logo or search for an existing logo, you must first log in using your NetID and password.

How do I submit a departmental logo request?

Logos can be requested using the online logo request form. You will receive a link to your departmental logo within three working days.

How do I access my logos in the future?

Once a suite of logos is available, you can access and download the files using the logo generator. To find an existing logo, enter the department or unit name into the search.