Brand 101 Workshops

The Office of Strategic Communication is happy to introduce Brand 101: Stranger in a Strange Brand, a workshop designed to help campus communicators and marketers learn more about the UW brand and how to leverage it in your own work — no matter your role on campus.

We’ll help you get connected to resources, answer your marketing and brand questions, assist you in using the brand for your own specific needs, and network with other people who do similar jobs. The workshop is designed for anyone who would like to learn more. We hope that includes you! Along the way, we’ll offer take-home resources aplenty to help you bring it all together. And you’ll receive some branded swag, so you can see the brand in action.

Interactive, collaborative, and practical. What else could you want? Besides coffee and snacks, of course. No problem — we’ve got you covered there, too.

Our first workshop is Thursday, May 30, from 10–11:30 at Memorial Union (check TITU).

Visit to sign up!