Do we need to update existing materials that have Verlag and Vitesse?

It depends. If you received Verlag and Vitesse print fonts from University Marketing under its license, you should phase out the use of these fonts in new printed materials by June 30, 2023. They should be replaced with the UW’s new feature brand fonts, Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text. While you are not required to delete Verlag and Vitesse from your computer, you should not use these fonts on any new printed materials after June 30, 2023.

If you have already-printed materials with Verlag and Vitesse (such as handouts, promotional items, or a banner), you may continue to use them until they run out or you naturally retire them. However, once you need to reprint those materials, you should replace those fonts with Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text.

If you’re designing new printed materials, we recommend retiring Verlag and Vitesse and using Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text starting in January 2023.

You should also update these fonts for digital uses outside of your website, such as PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations. The UW’s PowerPoint templates have been updated for you, as well as all the stationery and business card templates.

We recommend you prioritize updates in the following order:

  • High priority: Newly created materials (that is, retire Verlag and Vitesse and use Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text in anything you’re creating from January 2023 forward)
  • Medium priority: Public-facing materials that you use frequently
  • Low priority: Internal documents or infrequently used materials