We really love Verlag and Vitesse. May we continue to use them?

We strongly recommend that you stay aligned with the UW brand by transitioning to the new feature brand fonts (Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text). You may continue to use Verlag and Vitesse after June 30, 2023, if you wish; however, it is then your full responsibility to independently purchase and maintain the requisite licenses. And remember: visually aligning your unit with the current UW brand provides the instant recognition and credibility of a world-class institution — and still allows plenty of creative space to differentiate yourself, even with shared fonts. Contact University Marketing: we can help show you how.

If you decide to purchase a web license for Verlag and Vitesse on your own to continue using them on your website, please inform the University Marketing web services team. This will help us as we work to ensure campuswide compliance with our expiring license.