Which vendors may I work with to produce promotional goods and apparel?

All promotional goods and apparel using UW–Madison logos or trademarks must be produced and purchased through a licensed vendor.

For items intended for internal use (e.g., department T-shirts), UW–Madison departments/units are strongly encouraged to work with an internal-use licensed vendor, a subset of all licensed vendors. Working with an internal-use vendor ensures that your purchase can be approved and that your department isn’t being charged for royalties on UW–Madison trademarks. If a particular product isn’t available from any internal-use licensed vendors, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for assistance.

A purchasing contract for internal-use promotional goods and apparel is also available, allowing UW–Madison departments/units to place orders of $5,000 or more with select vendors in the contract.

Please note, we are unable to issue a license to a new vendor simply because an individual campus unit wants to work with the vendor or has already placed an order with the vendor. The university’s licensing process is strictly controlled.