Editorial Style Guide

The UW–Madison Editorial Style Guide is a central reference for terminology specific to UW–Madison as well as common points of style such as capitalization, abbreviation, and punctuation. It also includes an index of inclusive terminology. The guide helps keep our branded messaging consistent across UW–Madison channels and departments.

How to use the Editorial Style Guide

The UW–Madison Editorial Style Guide includes points of style specific to UW–Madison as well as other general rules. It is not intended to be a complete style guide; it should supplement your unit’s primary style guide — either the Chicago Manual of Style or the AP Stylebook — and overrule the primary guide on just a few points of style that help ensure consistent usage across campus and preserve brand recognition.

When using the guide, you can browse an alphabetical list of style rules or search for keywords. Within the guide, we’ve also compiled a list of inclusive terms. The Inclusive Language Guide can be used by communicators and marketers to cover people and topics with sensitivity and respect.